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Sweet pea x reader princess

Request: Hey may I request a Sweet pea X reader. The reader is a northsider who dated Reggie. And it takes place the night of the fight. So I just made something out of it, I hope you like it. Jingle-Jangle, the stupid drug that ended your relationship. Reggie could come off as kind of a jerk but he was sweet to you, you never thought he would be capable of dealing drugs. You had been devestated and had broke up with him.

You’re Mine | Sweet Pea

Archie had some crazy vendetta and got the football team involved with it. He had thought of something called the red circle, it was basically some vigilanty group. You thought they were insane and did not want to get involved. You were done with Archie, Reggie and the rest of the football team. You missed Jughead as you had been best friends since the beginning. Toni seemed friendly and you were glad that Jughead was making new friends.

You saw Reggie and stopped, what was he doing here? And before you knew it, you had punched him in the face. Reggie fell to the ground and it felt oddly satisfying however it had started the fight. You saw Reggie looking at you and Sweet pea and you glared at him, still angry about everything.

You held on tightly and drove away with him. You were angry at Reggie and what happened but you were glad you had Sweet pea to take your mind off of it. You laid your head against his back with a grin this was going to be an exciting night. Next post Previous post.Prompt: sluttyforsweetpea : Hi! Can you do no. Find the prompts here. Originally posted by jordanconnordaily. Tonight lived up to its legacy as you walked in and immediately felt the bass thump throughout your body and saw people making out in any dark corner they could find.

Sweet Pea x Reader

He was a transfer from Southside High, and you had the pleasure of being the one to sure him and his friends around on their first day. That was until he opened his mouth. The smaller Serpent with pink colored hair jabbed him in the ribs and shook your hand. You gave them the tour of the school, trying to resist going off on him as he teasingly asked you where the best make-out spots were. You were definitely less than excited when you saw that your schedules were nearly identical.

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But that was a few weeks ago and since then you two had warmed up to each other, almost suspiciously so. He got on your nerves and always made jokes about you being privileged and pretentious, but also took it upon himself to make racy comments anytime you wore anything remotely revealing and brush his fingers on your thigh during class.

You were drawn out of your hormonal flashback as you heard Toni calling your name. You made your way over to Fangs, Toni, and Sweet Pea, maneuvering past the crowd of dancing bodies.

You finally you reached the group, greeting them with a smile, but before could even open your mouth to say hi, Sweet Pea already something to say.

Sweet Pea, in particular, seemed the most surprised waving his hands to stop you, almost spilling his drink. You and Reggie were a thing? Something about the way he was letting his emotions show so plainly on his face a devilish smile dance its way onto yours. You and Reggie had been on and off last year before deciding it was better to just end it. You laughed and shrugged him off of you. You sat on the counter, watching everyone dance, directing a few green faces to the restrooms and scooting over to let people view the variety of drinks people had brought.

Eventually, Toni walked up to you and hopped up onto the counter. You laughed and leaned your head on the cabinets above you. See you around.

sweet pea x reader princess

And pretty badly, based on the way he nearly stumbled into the fridge on his way over to you. You got this! Reggie reminded you of a little kid when he was drunk, getting worked up over the littlest things.Catching Elephant is a theme by Andy Taylor.

Request: Hey, can I pls request a sweet pea imagine where the reader and sweet pea are dating. They are at a party with some friends and the reader is dancing with Toni when all the sudden she sees a girl flirting with sp.

I love your writing by the way x. You heard some Northsiders talking to one another and you clenched your fists, closing your eyes to try and calm yourself down. He hated your choice of PDA. His tough exterior was just that, an exterior, he was a softie around you. Although you showed your kind side, you were a respected serpent, and you could be tough if need be. You smiled at him and decided to brush the rude comments off. The rest of the day was a blur, each class the same as every other day.

When you left your final class of the day, you felt happy to finally go home with Sweet Pea. You met him at his motorcycle and he drove you to the trailer you both shared.

You had lived alone ever since both of your parents left like the pieces of shit they were, so when Sweet Pea came along, after a few months of dating he moved in with you. You ignored his touch and skimmed through your closet for your party outfit. You retrieved the black dress and turned around so your chest was against his body. You giggled and walked away to the other side of the room and slipped the dress on.

You then jokingly strutted towards him and winked. He laughed and shook his head, grabbing his jacket from the closet and he tossed you yours. You were well aware that Sweet Pea had been to that house before, so you were nervous about crashing this party. Even though Jughead had extended the invitation, you knew you were all unwelcome.

Shaking your head, you ignored your worries and entered the house with Toni, Sweet Pea and Fangs, receiving many odd looks as you walked in. Sweet Pea chuckled at your excitement and followed the two of you.

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You handed Toni and Sweet Pea each a cup and then retrieved yourself one. If you were going to have trouble tonight, you better have it while you were drunk. You two danced with each other for a while, playfully grinding on one another. Toni decided to go talk to one of her friends so you searched the room for Sweet Pea. When you finally spotted him, you noticed a northsider flirting with him.

You rolled your eyes and moved closer to them. When you heard her voice, your anger grew quickly. It was the same girl who called you his southside bitch. You shook your head and walked up to the two of them, glaring at the girl before kissing Sweet Pea passionately.

sweet pea x reader princess

You inhaled sharply and swung your first at her, hitting her eye.Involves mild choking, daddy kink, oral female and, hair pulling. If any of these make you uncomfortable then please proceed with caution or click off!

Becoming a Serpent was something that you were expected to do.

sweet pea x reader princess

With your mom being one— and your dad being very close with the Snake King Fp Jones— it was always written biblically that you would follow in their footsteps with grace and pride… Even though you were willing and wanted to do become one, it always did bother you that you had never gotten a choice.

You were sixteen— and overdue for initiation. However you were putting it off from the obvious discomfort it gave your boyfriend, Sweet Pea. You were drug and his was absolutely addicted….

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You sighed and threw your leg over his waist that was laying in your bed and straddled him. He grunted in disappointment. The name made his eyebrow quirk up, and his heart speed up with excitement. However he kept his cool and smirked. You smiled a wicked smile and sat up.

Both hands rested on his chest as you grinned a breathless one. Sweet Pea was quick to flip the two of you over, his breathing already become ragged as slipped his hand in between your heated thighs. A pool of excitement sparked in your centre as he squeezed— not hard enough to hurt you— but enough to steal a few breaths.

He knew you like the back of his hand— and by the way your face contorted into pleasure made him know he was doing something right. His middle finger slid up your soaking slit— his lips moving into a lopsided smile as he pulled it away and brought it to his mouth. You watched aroused as he fluttered his eyelids closed, his long eyelashes batting against his cheeks that hollowed while he swirled his tongue around his finger.

Swallowing in amazement at how beautiful he looked, you gripped his wrist and tugged it down to you. He stared at you in confusion, until you locked eyes with him and did what he had just done. You followed his actions impatiently, hurriedly shimming off your shorts.It was late when Sweet Pea entered his trailer and closed the door behind him. He sighed as he sat down on his couch, looking at his phone for the hundredth time that day. They had been best friends for years and were used to spending almost every minute together.

Sweet Pea had already texted her several times that day, without a reply. He put away his phone and turned on the TV.

There was no way he could fall asleep before knowing where she was. He was struggling to keep his eyes open when he heard a low knock on the door. His eyes shot open and he noticed it was pouring rain outside. He groaned as he stood up and walked up to the door. Surprised, he looked over to her and let out a relieved sigh, a smile appearing on his face. When her head turned slightly, he noticed a bruise on her cheek, wiping the smile off his face. He frowned and clenched his fists, angry at himself.

Every time things at home became too much for her, she showed up at his trailer, sometimes unannounced. It had happened frequently over the past year so Sweet Pea was used to her crashing at his place, but it had been a while since last time. It had been even longer since she showed up with a bruise. He remembered the first time that happened.

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It was a few weeks after he joined the Southside Serpents, a couple of years ago. Sweet Pea slowly walked over to her as she finished taking off her boots. She stood there, silent, refusing to look at him.

He sighed and pulled her in a hug, without saying anything. They stood there for a moment before she pulled away and looked up at him with a shy smile. Sweet Pea kissed her forehead before taking her hand and leading her to his bed.Originally posted by petroltears.

Hopefully you like this imagine, I am considering making this 2 parts. Part 2. You look up shocked, Sweets had been getting friendlier and friendlier with your group of friends and for that you were happy for.

They had yet to invite him to a party with the gang, it made you so excited to see them welcoming Sweets into group activities. Kevin on the other hand was far from tipsy already, you had no idea what Ronnie had put in those drinks. You were trying to find Sweets, wandering around aimlessly. You had lost him while you were dancing with Betty and Josie.

You stumbled over the leg of a table, almost falling on your face. Sweets and you had been driven back to his trailer by a sober Jughead and Betty. You had flicked on a movie while you binged on burgers, the greasy food you could get this late at night.

Sweets had been quiet the ever since you found him at the party, he was barely speaking a word to you and seeming a bit distant. You climb up from your spot on the ground curling up next to a distracted Sweets who was lazying on the couch. You nuzzle your face into the side of his neck gently pressing a kiss while he plays with your hair. The harsh knocking rattled through the house, Sweets had dropped you off this morning.

It took some coaxing to get him to drop you home all he wanted to do was snuggle with you in bed, when you attempted to get up all he did was pull you closer to him. You whipped the door open. Last night they ….

No he loves me. You back away from Archie the tears coming faster down your face.

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Archie gently grabs you pulling you into his chest, wrapping his arms tightly around you. Tears begin to bubble to the surface when you looked at Sweets, the situation was so causal and familiar you wanted to pretend you never heard about what he did.

Seeing Sweets used to make you feel so loved and now it felt like a stab to the heart. You wanted everything to go back to before.

Who hurt you? His face falling a regretful look taking place of the charming smile. God how could I be so stupid? Were you ever going to tell me?

No you were completely happy lying to me. Were you just going to lie to me for the rest of our relationship. But I was going to tell you, I would never keep that a secret from you I just needed time. Pulling yourself up and rushing out the door before he could stop you. Send an ask if you want a Part 2.Catching Elephant is a theme by Andy Taylor. The shutting down of Southside High had impacted students from both sides of the tracks.

Classes were larger, schedules were changed, hallways were crowded, and every aspect of school became louder. You never had many friends, remaining close with few throughout the years. Jughead Jones was one of those few. However, his other friends were a different story. Betty, Veronica, and Archie were not people you wanted to associate with and Jughead was well aware, so he kept your friend groups separate.

You took school seriously, and you enjoyed it. Grades were a top priority, and you studied often to achieve those grades. Unlike many of your peers, you were quiet, shy, and awkward around others. People made you uncomfortable. They made you stutter, your palms sweat, your hands fidget.

When you first heard of the merging, you were concerned about people trying to get to know you, for kind or for sinister reasons. Thus, the night before major changes were happening, you were scared. Your phone buzzed next to your head and woke you up from your slumber. Flipping it over lazily, you answered the phone, wiping the drool from your chin. Smiling, you rolled out of bed, beginning to get dressed while you spoke. Where shall we meet?

sweet pea x reader princess

You pulled on a pair of denim skinny jeans and a white button up, slipping on a pink sweater over top, folding the collar down over the neck of the sweater.

You then styled your hair with your favorite product and grabbed your bookbag along with your phone. You slipped a pair of boots on your Walking out of your room, you waved by to your parents and began to walk to school. You were focused on your phone, reading the flashcards of your physics formulas and concepts to prepare for your test.

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