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Terminal autoservicio banco nacion

Arrival zone After going through passport control, baggage claim, and customs, you'll go into the main hall of the airport, passing by several offices of different companies. Afterwards, you will have to be at the company's window 10 minutes before the bus leaves; they'll call out everybody's names, and then accompany you to where the bus is parked. In the meantime, you can change money, drink a coffee, or do whatever you like, you don't need to wait by their window.

DO NOT change money with them. They have very very bad rates. There are other places to change money, with quite acceptable rates. The first one is located to the right of the arrival louge, in the check-in louge in front of the check-in desks, below the electric stairs. Banco Piano Location upstairs The second one is located on the first floor, close to the departure gates.

terminal autoservicio banco nacion

Banco Piano upstairs Both offer the same rate. Please check with your bank regarding the cost of getting the money from ATMs in Argentina, it might be a small or big comission depending on the bank, the type of account, etc.

As before, if the queue is too long, you can go to the other Terminal. It's about 2 minutes walk between Terminals.

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Platinum sponsors. GermanySpainPolandBrazil. DebConf 8 registration open DebConf 8 dates decided!La banca actualmente ofrece el servicio Pago Mis Cuentas Banco Galicia es la plataforma online para permitirle a sus clientes pagar todos los servicios sin moverse de su casa las 24 horas.

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Para poder operar y aprovechar los servicios que la marca ofrece otorga diferentes Tarjetas:. Se trata del Servicio premium de Banco Galicia.

A tuQuejaSuma llegar reclamos con consultas por diferentes inconvenientes con la empresa.

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Para hacerlo desde el Online Banking tenes que seguir los siguientes pasos :. Reclamo por cobro indebido. Hola, que tal quisiera saber si mi cuenta bancaria se encuentra disposible y saber mi numero de cbu. Necesito recuperar mi usuario el tema es que me mandan a mi mails viejo y no tengo manera de recuperar el usuario.

La semana pasada me debitaron d mi cuenta c. Y necesito mi plata. Buenas tardes. Tengo la tarjeta hinabilitada, y no puedo sacar plata del cajero. Como puedo solucionar esto. Desde ya muchas gracias.

Banco Nacion, todas las sucursales en Retiro, Capital Federal

Buenas,me hicieron transferencia desde estados unidos a mi cuenta de galicia,pero no me llegan,tengo a mi padre y abuelo,tengo que recibir esa plata,ya me mandaron para todos lados y nada funciona pueden ayudarme? Pude con mucho sacrificio abrir homebanking, pero no encuen Me equivoque al clocar la clave para el home banking y me inhabilitaron la tarjeta, realize un reclamo en el banco y al volver a colocar la nueva clave me sigue figurando inhabilitada.

Empleado desde la puerta. Me llego un resumen del banco galicia con una deuda. Yo jamas utilice esa tarjeta. Es mas, me la dieron de prepo cuando fui a retirar la de debito.A general information desk is located within the international terminal and is staffed from am to pm every day. In addition, informative public relations personnel, available throughout the airport, are easily recognizable by their red jackets. The national terminal at Ezeiza International Airport serves a large variety of smaller, regional Argentine carriers.

A wide array of kiosks, drugstores, and gift shops is located throughout the airport. There is also a Mate y Tango store in Terminal B. Stern and Piedras Argentinas. For your dining needs, Ezeiza is replete with selection. In the connector between Terminals A and B dine at Baretto or keep heading towards Terminal B, where you will find Blue Sky and Flaps on the top and bottom levels respectively.

Banco Piano's currency exchanges are found on the lower level of Terminal A and upper level of Terminal B. Terminal C The national terminal at Ezeiza International Airport serves a large variety of smaller, regional Argentine carriers.

Shopping A wide array of kiosks, drugstores, and gift shops is located throughout the airport. Restaurants and Bars For your dining needs, Ezeiza is replete with selection. Found this useful? Why not share it with your friends Featured Hotels. View more hotels near EZE airport.

We are in no way associated with or authorized by the Buenos Aires Airport authority and neither that entity nor any of its affiliates have licensed or endorsed us.Hi, I am planning my first trip to Argentina. I want to make sure. In addition, is it located before the customs baggage check or outside customs? I do not intend to use ATM due to the limit and transcation fee, or other exchange booths in the airport for poor exchange rate.

I assume the banks in the city are all closed over weekendany trustworthy recommendations or suggestions? It's located out of the customs area. It will be to your right, once you exit the sliding doors of the sterile area. Yes, after the opaque doors, turn right and right again, walking past car service remise offices and it's opposite you, distinguished by the corporate blue colour.

You may have to join a queue to be served. When they are closed there is another bank that is open. Someone has to be available to collect customers fees. Hi, can I ask a currency question. You would think obtaining a straight answer was easy but that doesn't seem to be the case. We are going to Argentina in Feb and are worried about the travel money aspect. Taking large amounts of cash in either USD or Euro seems to be the first option.

The drawbacks are obvious, not least getting mugged.

terminal autoservicio banco nacion

Use an ATM and incur charges and risk the possibility it will not work. I will need pesos to pay for a taxi from the airport so my first port of call seems be the National Bank at Eze. We usually use Caxton but I understand Revolut is an alternative. Would I find a bank there that would accept the card? Wilf, I'm sorry but I do not know whether banks here accept the cards you mention.

Hopefully someone will be able to confirm? The remises companies car services all accept credit cards as well. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Watch this Topic. Browse forums All Browse by destination.

Sucursales Mendoza Ciudad

Buenos Aires forums. All forums. Report inappropriate content. Related: What are the most popular tours in Buenos Aires? See all.Ingresa con tu usuario para dejar un comentario de esta marca. Banco Nacion. Banco Nacion Sucursal Retiro 5 estrellas 1 Opiniones. Viamonte ,America,Buenos Aires. Banco Nacion Sucursal Centro 5 estrellas 1 Opiniones. Alvear ,Capital Federal.

Banco Nacion Sucursal Recoleta 5 estrellas 1 Opiniones. Lavalle -Tribunales,Capital Federal. Banco Nacion Sucursal Montserrat 5 estrellas 1 Opiniones.

Azopardo ,Capital Federal. Pueyrredon ,Capital Federal. Banco Nacion Sucursal Congreso 5 estrellas 1 Opiniones. Banco Nacion Sucursal Constitucion 5 estrellas 1 Opiniones. Bernardo de Irigoyen ,Capital Federal. Entre Rios ,Capital Federal.

Banco Nacion Sucursal Once 5 estrellas 1 Opiniones. Corrientes ,Capital Federal. Banco Nacion Sucursal Abasto 5 estrellas 1 Opiniones. Banco Nacion Sucursal Boedo 5 estrellas 1 Opiniones. Corrientes - Almagro,Capital Federal. Banco Nacion Sucursal Almagro 3 estrellas 2 Opiniones. Banco Nacion Sucursal Magdalena 5 estrellas 1 Opiniones. Cordoba ,Capital Federal.

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La Plata ,Capital Federal. Banco Nacion Sucursal Colegiales 5 estrellas 1 Opiniones. Luis M. Banco Nacion Sucursal Avellaneda 5 estrellas 2 Opiniones.

Incorporaron tres Terminales de Autoservicio para cargar la SUBE

Mitre ,Avellaneda,Buenos Aires. Banco Nacion Sucursal Retiro Banco 5 estrellas. Banco Nacion Sucursal Centro Banco 5 estrellas. Banco Nacion Sucursal Recoleta Banco 5 estrellas.

Banco Nacion Sucursal Montserrat Banco 5 estrellas. Banco Nacion Sucursal Congreso Banco 5 estrellas. Banco Nacion Sucursal Constitucion Banco 5 estrellas. Banco Nacion Sucursal Once Banco 5 estrellas. Banco Nacion Sucursal Abasto Banco 5 estrellas. Banco Nacion Sucursal Boedo Banco 5 estrellas. Banco Nacion Sucursal Almagro Banco 3 estrellas. Banco Nacion Sucursal Magdalena Banco 5 estrellas.I have never run into a line at that ATM. Yes, it's a good idea to get pesos for the smaller bills.

Is it still only one ATM? Where is that branch located? Is there a 2nd Banco de la Nacion branch just outside baggage claim? There is one branch with two access points, one inside of the customs area and one outside of customs. Access to the second entrance is from within the arrival hall. I rarely use this entrance, preferring the additional security offered within the customs area. Pick up your bags, clear customs and when you pick up your bags from screening you will see the bank teller windows off to the side.

The ATM is located just outside the lobby entrance. Banco de la Nacion sometimes closes for brief periods of time. When Banco de la Nacion is closed, Piano Bank is open Piano Bank offers exchange rates a few cents lower than Banco de la Nacion The key is to avoid the exchange kiosks offered by Global, where exchanged rates are pathetic.

Mi experiencia haciendo un deposito por cajero automatico

Another useful tidbit: Check exchange rates on www. This will give you an idea re: what is and is not a good rate of exchange. The limit per transaction is around pesos which incurs a fee of around 16 pesos.

terminal autoservicio banco nacion

However, you can reinsert your card and continue to make another withdrawal for another pesos. You can continue with this procedure until you reach your home bank daily limit of withdrawals. The Banco de la Nacion is located just after the customs area. Donot use the money exchanges in the luggage area.

terminal autoservicio banco nacion

While the terminals are different, the services after the customs area are basically the same. Look up after exiting customs. Not sure if still operable. I noticed there was also a Citibank atm.

Tripadvisor staff removed this post because it did not meet Tripadvisor's forum posting guidelines with prohibiting self-promotional advertising or solicitation. We ask all of our members to keep their forum messages free of self-promoting advertisements or solicitation of any kind - members affiliated with any tourism-related business should not include commercial contact information or URLs in their forum messages.

We remove posts that do not follow our posting guidelines, and we reserve the right to remove any post for any reason. Thanks for the hint about airport taxi. I just booked it for our trip to Antarctica which we have to do an overnight in BA because of connections to Ushuia. Warning: Don't even think about taking a taxi from the curb at Ezeiza.

Private cars charge slightly more than Taxi Ezeiza, but still way less than 59 dollars. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Watch this Topic. Browse forums All Browse by destination.Los datos publicados surgen de las pizarras o sitios web de bancos, financieras y fintech; del Regimen de transparencia y otros informes del BCRA o son comunicadas directamente por oficiales de cuentas de las entidades.

Bienvenido visitante, recuerde que para poder postear en los foros debe registrarse Aviso. Foros ZonaBancos.

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Antes que nada Hola a todos, soy nuevo en este foro. Como todos sabran en el Santander rio y otros bancos hoy en dia exigen a los clientes hacer sus depositos o pagos de tarjetas en efectivo en las terminales de autoservicio. Mi caso en el Santander rio; algunas sucursales no me hacen problema y lo hago normalmente en caja, pero otras sucursales me obligan a hacer depositos en autoservicio si es menos de Quiero decirles con esto que la maquina lo unico que detecta es que le meti un sobre y el numero de cuenta o identidad que marque claro esta, pero no detecta si tiene plata o esta vacio.

El banco nos reconocera nuestra plata??. Se me hace que no. A mi y a muchos supongo que les debe fastidiar tener que esperar hasta las 16 horas o 17 en algunos casos a que se acredite nuestros depositos. Lamentablemente esto pasa en varios bancos, salvo Citi, que fue el unico banco que implemento las maquinas inteligentes que procesan los depositos en tiempo real.

Espero aportes y opiniones a los que esten interesados en este tema. Perfil de usuario Oculta mensajes de usuario. Hola Napoleon lo que comentas de que hay 2 personas controlando los sobres y es todo bien verificado tenes razon. Pero el tema es que pasa si antes de las 15 horas asaltan el banco y vacian las terminales y se llevan todos los sobres con la guta. No nos olvidemos que el comprobante que emite la maquina no tiene validez alguna, vos podes meter un sobre vacio tranquilamente y el comprobante te lo va emitir igual la terminal.

Habria que averiguar si existe alguna ley que nos ampare en este tema de los depositos. Yo por el momento seguire depositando en caja, y si es necesario discutir lo tendre que hacer. No puedes iniciar nuevos temas en este foro. No puedes responder a temas en este foro. No puedes eliminar sus temas en este foro. No puedes editar sus temas en este foro.

No puedes crear encuestas en este foro. No puedes votar las encuestas en este foro. Normal Por temas. Seguinos en. Bienvenido visitante, recuerde que para poder postear en los foros debe registrarse. Volver arriba.

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