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Watt fuel cell price

Home Fuel cells and fuel cell technology has been a big buzz now for the last couple years with lots of talk and plans for cars that run on them and so on. But it has seemed to be very much a thing of the future and not of today in terms of consumer use of fuel cells for power generation. But along comes a company to my attention of late that seems to be proving that wrong. Clear Edge Power is advertising a hydrogen fuel cell power system for home and business use now, not next year or beyond.

They have built a system that consists of a box about the size of a an air conditioning unit that houses their hydrogen fuel cell technology. The system runs on natural gas which is converted into power using their proprietary fuel cell technology.

From the Clear Edge site:. ClearEdge Power offers a solution for high utility bills. Begin saving money and energy with a single, compact home fuel cell system. You can depend on the ClearEdge5 for electricity, heat and clear environmental benefits.

Cost efficient and reliable, our unit is eligible for utility rebates and government incentives. In addition, the unit is not affected by seasonality and provides power year round, making it a better, more reliable choice than other energy alternatives.

ClearEdge5 is a combined heat and power CHP energy system based on fuel cell technology. This technology has demonstrated superior efficiency for years in industrial plants, universities, hotels and hospitals. ClearEdge Power is now making it available on a small commercial and residential scale. The ClearEdge5 is a compact system which efficiently converts natural gas or propane into both electricity and heat.

The ClearEdge5 consists of three core components modularly designed for ease of installation and maintenance. The Fuel Processor converts natural gas into ultra-clean hydrogen through a catalytic process, as opposed to burning the natural gas, which dramatically reduces pollutants.

The Power Conditioning Unit converts the DC electricity into alternating current ACwhich then ties directly to the main electrical panel, providing steady continuous power for your electricity needs.

The heat produced by the fuel cell is moved to the building through a heat exchanger supplying a continuous source of heating for hot water or space heating. The list price for the ClearEdge5 is actually less expensive than equivalent residential solar PV systems, based on production.

Peoples Gas partners with WATT Fuel Cell for greener energy tech in Pittsburgh-area homes

A major advantage over solar, the ClearEdge5 generates eleven times more energy than the same size solar installation. For the same capital investment, the ClearEdge5 gives you 90 MWh of annual combined electricity and heat, compared to approximately 8MWh generated by a 5kW solar system.

Operating costs for the CE5 are as low as 6. So it would appear that clean fuel cell technology is on the market and ready for the ultimate testing. Will consumers and businesses adopt it and add it to their energy systems both home and business? What is the advantages of solar generator? Solar generator is an environmental friendly equipment that can. If you don't know, check out sunpowerport.

Your last paragraph is scrambled! Are you negotiating government rebates or tax incentives? I there a catalyst that needs renewing?. Solar generators had a lot of advantages and disadvantages. I guess before purchasing them you must review them first. Pingback: Homepage.Privacy Guaranteed - your email is never shared with anyone, opt out any time.

Join Now. Recent Photos. Upload a Photo. Beneteau Catalina Hunter Jeanneau Searunner. Crew Wanted Crew Available. Join Date: Jan Join Date: Mar I've had my eye on Watt Fuel Cells for several months. Hymer is starting to incorporate the fuel cells into their RV lines.

watt fuel cell price

I emailed Watt to find out about acquiring one for our boat. The response was, "Availability will be through selected distributors sometime in late So what's the bottom line? How much propane needs to be burned to get 1 amp hour?

Or how many amp hours for one pound of propane? Join Date: Jul Originally Posted by sparrowhawk1. We travel alone, together and as one - to satisfy our curiosity, and ward off our fear of what should happen if we don't. For the EFOY units, is methanol readily available? Can the M5 or M10 fuel cartridges be easily refilled? Join Date: Sep Images: 4. Originally Posted by Dtrombley. If it requires a very pure propane then that goes away, often butane is in the mix.

And yes, KWH produced per pound compared to traditionally fuelling a genny will be important, but perhaps not that critical for many.

Originally Posted by Paul Elliott. Their fuel cell consumes 0. To get 10kWh would require 6. Now Back Cruising!

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And given only used to make up for poor solar conditions, that might be once a quarter in nice weather conditions. Join Date: Feb Images: 1. I think these guys are being overoptimistic when comparing their propane fuel-cell to a diesel generator.

On their website they claim that their fuel cell uses 20 gallons of propane, where a diesel generator requires 55 gallons of diesel fuel to deliver the same energy.Overview Specifications Applications Compare.

TB - Army Applications. Power Generator. Backup Systems. Grid Connected. The TB hydrogen fuel cell power system is being controlled by an intelligent controller which is operated by a colored touch screen monitor.

The management of the system is easily done through the touch screen monitor and although the system is fully automated, the user has the option to change which ever parameter likes followed by a 4-digit password.

Moreover, data acquisition of the parameters can be saved on an excel file SD memory card and can be changed. That stack provided from Ballard Power Systems is new, modern, it provides high fuel efficiency, reliability, runtime and flexible fuelling using reformate hydrogen from NG, LPG, Methanol.

Fuel Cell System Code :. Type :. Fuel :. Power Output :. DC Output :. Battery Charger :. AC Output :. Hydrogen Purity :. Cooling System :. Circulated Water. Ethernet Port LAN :. Access For Calibration. Weight :. Dimensions mm :. L x W x HA fuel cell is an alternative source of energy.

Panasonic reduces size and price of “Ene-Farm” home fuel cell

It transforms chemical energy into electrical energy directly, with no intermediate steps, no moving parts and with no significant loss in energy, making it a particularly efficient source of power. A lot of patented innovation has gone into the development of EFOY Fuel Cells, making the EFOY fuel cell a marvel of miniaturization and a lightweight but high-powered, long-lasting performer.

With its compact design and safe and efficient performance, EFOY fuel cells are positioned to lead the field in fuel-cell systems for mobile applications. The EFOY Comfort combines liquid methanol fuel and oxygen from the air to produce electricity and clean water vapor, CO 2and heat as waste products.

The electricity is used to automatically charge your batteries to full capacity. The integrated charge controller continually monitors the charge level of the batteries and automatically starts the EFOY Comfort and switches it off again once the battery is charged. If you have an inverter, you can also use V devices.

Whether you are under a shady tree or in a lonely cove. Irrespective of the weather and all year round - even at sub-zero temperatures! A newly developed insulation and the sound damping system ensure quiet operation. Enjoy the peace and silence! Weighing just 8 kg It delivers a vast amount of energy yet takes up very little space! The high-quality and user-friendly operating panel is installed inside your boat, mobile home or cabin. It is simplicity at its best.

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Over the period of one year, EFOY Comfort provides 3 to 10 times as much electricity as a solar system with the same power rating. To produce the same amount of electricity as an Efoy Comfort 80 40 W with solar power, depending on the country and time of year, you would need a solar system with an output of between and Wp. Sherman Johnson C. Condition: New. SKU: Manufacturer: EFOY. Part No: Free Ground Shipping!

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How it works The EFOY Comfort combines liquid methanol fuel and oxygen from the air to produce electricity and clean water vapor, CO 2and heat as waste products. Can be used all year round With the EFOY Comfort, you have a reliable electricity supply when you are on the road or at sea. Lightweight and compact Weighing just 8 kg Very simple to operate The high-quality and user-friendly operating panel is installed inside your boat, mobile home or cabin.A new partnership between Peoples Natural Gas and Mt.

Pleasant-based WATT Fuel Cell will explore the feasibility of using solid oxide fuel cells powered by natural gas to provide electricity to area homes. Fuel cells take hydrogen, in this case derived from natural gas, combine it with oxygen and convert it to electricity. Heat is the only byproduct, and because there is no combustion, it emits virtually no greenhouse gases. Later this summer, Peoples will launch a home pilot program using WATT fuel cells to determine if the technology can be a cleaner, more efficient way to power homes across Western Pennsylvania.

After stints in Buffalo and elsewhere in the U. What distinguished WATT in the industry was their 3D printing process, which allows the cells to be constructed in a matter of minutes, as opposed to taking hundreds of hours. InFinnerty received a call from a friend who told him about a potential business opportunity in Western PA.

Particularly intriguing to him was that the business, Pittsburgh Electric Engine, spun off from Westinghouse. Caine Finnerty. This imprimatur convinced him to check out the operation firsthand. As Finnerty recalls, he originally planned to acquire the company and move operations back to Long Island.

But Mt. Turns out it could: Within 24 hours, Finnerty was back in Long Island informing his company that they were relocating to Mt.

New fuel cell technology could cost one-tenth the price of Bloom

All but one member of the team made the move to Western PA. Pleasant Township from traditional manufacturing to one that manufactures next-generation fuel cells was something we fully embraced. WATT also manufactures fuel cells as a cleaner, quieter, less cumbersome alternative to gas generators in RVs and sailboats. But one of their biggest partnerships was yet to come.

Peoples Natural Gas provides electricity to somebusinesses and homes in western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Kentucky. During their pursuit of such novel technologies, they came across a Carnegie Mellon professor who knew about the work being done at WATT. Home Current Features. Could natural gas be used to power your entire home?The browser you are currently using is not supported by Fisheries Supply.

watt fuel cell price

Unsupported browsers put your security at risk. Please upgrade to a different browser below. Enter Fisheries Part Number. Enter Valid Qty Min. Enter Quantity. In a far-off cove, in any weather, at any time of year — this marine fuel cell generator can keep your batteries fully charged — even at temperatures below freezing!

The EFOY Comfort uses boat fuel cell technology to safely convert methanol into electrical power in conjunction with an integrated charge controller to make sure you never over charge. For more information on how this amazing clean fuel cell power generation works, read our Navigator on the subject — or to see our complete line of EFOY fuel cell technology products, click here.

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White with Rubber Vibration Silencers. Connects Line to Fuel Cell. Power Line Extension Cable.Our users talk about their experiences with an EFOY in a motorhome, on a boat or in a cabin. Newsletter Contact Partner Log-in sfc. How it works. Technical data. Which model. EFOY App. In a mobile home. On a boat.

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In a cabin. What users say. Energy Calculator. Dealer search. Data sheets. Warranty Terms. Search Search this site. Which model Check for Mobile Homes. Check for Boats. Model Comparison. How big is your mobile home? Do you use a TV in your mobile home?

watt fuel cell price

Do you use a laptop in your mobile home? No Now and again Daily. Do you use V devices such as hairdryers or microwaves? No Rarely Regularly. Do you have an electric refrigerator? No Yes. When do you use your mobile home?

From spring through autumn In winter too Only in summer.

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